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Telecommuting (also known as working from home, or e-commuting) is a work arrangement in which the employee works outside the office, often working from home or a location close to home (including coffee shops, libraries, and various other venues).

Rather than traveling to the office, the employee "travels" via telecommunication links, keeping in touch with coworkers and employers via telephone and email.

Google search has made it super effective to find telecommuting employees from any part of the world. Simply send us your telecommuting jobs and we mark them as telecommuting for the search engine to display in any country you wish to recruit telecommuters. It is cost effective for the employer and convenient for the employee.

The job will appear in a special search result of google in your chosen country. Tap into cheap and talented workforce from any part of the world. We charge telecommuting job posting at UGX 150,000

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